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Ariane Poole Affiliate Setup Guide


Ariane Poole Affiliate Setup Guide

How the Ariane Poole Affiliate program work and what you are entitled to as an Affiliate is explained in detail on our Affiliate Program document page, viewable via the footer link on every page of the website (as shown below in Pic1): It provide general information on how to make money from you website by promoting Ariane Poole products and why the Ariane Poole Affiliate Program might suite your website.

Pic 1.

Affiliate Pic 1

Our Affiliate Program, “Terms and Conditions” can be accessed via a link on the last line of the document (the words “Terms and Conditions) as shown in Pic 2.

Pic 2.

Affiliate Pic 2

Alternatively you can view our Affiliate Program, “Terms and Conditions” on our “Affiliate Program Sign Up” page as shown below in Pic 6 (below).

How to become a member of the Ariane Poole – Affiliate Program

1. Create an Ariane Poole Customer account.

Go to:

Or open the Ariane Poole website and hover your mouse over the “My Account” in the top right corner of the website and then click on “Login/Register” as shown in pic 3.

Pic 3.

Affiliate Pic 3







This will open the “Create an Account” form, as shown in Pic 4.

Pic 4.

Affiliate Pic 4











Add the relevant details to the form e.g. First Name, Last Name, Email Address, please tick Sign Up for Newsletter to receive the latest offers and discounts then, add and confirm your password. Click “Submit” and your account is setup; you’ll receive an automated email confirming your account details.

2. Apply to join the Ariane Poole – Affiliate Program

Log into your account and click on “My Affiliate Account” (at the bottom of the “My Account” section (on the right hand side of the screen) as shown in Pic 5.

Pic 5.

Affiliate Pic 5










This will open our “Affiliate Program Application” form as shown in Pic 6.

Pic 6.

Affiliate Pic 6









Tick the “Signup for Affiliate” box, it will open our “Signup Affiliate Account Information” form, as shown in Pic 7.

Pic 7.

Affiliate Pic 7











Complete the form and click on “Save”. Affiliate website (URL) must be in the format as follows (example)

 3. Email

Let us know you have applied to join our Affiliate Program with:

i) The URL of your website (the website you want to post banners on)

ii) Whether you want to be a Banner Affiliate or a Virtual Store Affiliate (virtual store affiliates are only available to WordPress websites)

We will review your application and contact you via email (using the email address in your application) if you have been successful.

 4. Successful Applicants can Configure their Affiliate Account 

Login to your account as shown above and open “My Affiliate Account”, as shown in Pic 8.

Pic 8.

Affiliate Pic 8













Now the “My Affiliate Account” menu will be visible e.g. My Account Info, My Transaction History etc. each item in the menu will open a different section of your Affiliate Account.

 5. My Affiliates Account Setup

The following three section (from a set up perspective) are the most important parts to configure to ensure your account is setup and will run correctly.

  •  My Affiliate Programs

This page displays the program you are registered to e.g. Banner or Virtual Store. It also displays the percentage of commission you’ll receive fro each sale (in the case of the example its 15% as a Banner Affiliate) as shown in Pic 9.

Pic 9.

Affiliate Pic 9










  • My Affiliate Websites

This page displays a list of the websites I have connected to my affiliate program (in this example there is only one which is not yet verified. Please Note: If the website that you are posting Banners too or using as a Virtual Store is not listed here, you will not receive a commission for any sales attributed to that website as shown in Pic 10.

Pic 10.

Affiliate Pic 10











  • My Affiliate Widget

This page displays your Affiliate Code (in this example it’s a three digit number e.g. 6471 but yours may be 4 or 5 digits) as shown in Pic 11. Use this number to enter into your Virtual Store Setup page on your WordPress website (if you are a Virtual Store Affiliate. This number will connect your Virtual Store to your Affiliate program so it’s very important.

Pic 11.

Affiliate Pic 11










6. WordPress Virtual Store Setup

Once the Ariane Poole Proprietary software has been installed on your wordpress website. You’ll see a an entry in your WordPress menu “Arianepoole Virtual Store Settings” as shown in Pic 12.

Pic 12.

Affiliate Pic 12






















7. Click on the words “Arianepoole Virtual Store Settings” to open your setup page as shown in Pic 13.

Pic 13.

Affiliate Pic 13

On this page you will need to enter your “Affiliate Code Number” take from the “My Affiliate Widget” page.

In addition, this page will also sets the number of products that will be displayed on your Virtual Store page (in this example) it is set to display a Category and that category is All products.

In addition once could select: Bestsellers or New Products.


If you have any questions or need support please contact us via, we’ll try to get back to as soon as possible.

The Ariane Poole Team

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