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Blush Bronzer Duo by Ariane Poole


Blush Bronzer Duo by Ariane Poole

This is my Blusher Bronzer Duo. It comes in three shades, a bronzer on one side and a colour highlighter on the other. You can swirl them around to create a great daytime look, but then if you want to oomph it up for a more sculpted, more glamorous for evening, use this in the hollow your cheek and then this on the apple and you get this real pop of gorgeous contouring.

How to Contour by Ariane Poole

I am going to show you how to do a quick and easy contour, using this. This is my blush bronzer duo, the bronzer on the right side and the blusher on the left. Easy for daytime! I’m going to swirl these shades together. This is called First Crush this palette. I’m going to twist you this way and I’m just going to apply it on the apples of your cheeks. Now that gives a super gorgeous glow to your cheeks and it give just little bit of definition but if you really want to step it up that little bit more. Take the bronzer side and run it underneath your cheek bone to create that wonderful sculpted look and that really gives you that little bit more of a chiselled angle right! But, how do you find underneath your cheek bones? It’s not under down here! What you look at is, follow this loopy thing by your ear and run a diagonal line down to the corner of your mouth and your going in that diagonal just like that to create the contour.

Then you can add a little more of a pop of colour to the apples of your cheek. What I’d like to show you is how to really accent those. Let me just grab little bit of highlighter. This is my Luminizer and it is fabulous for putting along the tops of the cheekbones, so your putting it from the outer corner of the eye, back up towards the hairline and if you want, you can put little on the arch of the brows as well. This gives those cheekbones a really gorgeous lift and now I’m going to repeat this on the other side, watch what I’m doing……a great daytime look!……and there you have it my quick and easy guide to contouring!


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