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How to do a quick easy Makeup by Ariane Poole


How to do a quick easy Makeup by Ariane Poole

Ariane Poole (International Celebrity Makeup Artist) & founder of Ariane Poole Cosmetics, is constantly being asked “how to do a quick easy makeup”. This video is my way to share and show you how to do that…here is, My 5 Minute Makeup.

Hi I’m Ariane Poole, Makeup Artist and Founder of Ariane Poole Cosmetics. I’m sitting here and your probably wondering why I have no makeup on. Well, I constantly get asked how to do a quick easy makeup so i thought, why not share and show how to do that so thats exactly what I’m going to be doing in this video.

I have already put a moisturiser on my face, it has absorbed in, all ready to go so let me put my hair behind my ears, move my fridge out of the way and I’m already to go. All the products are coming out of my little makeup bag, this is the makeup bag I use and the products are coming from that so these are not brand new pristine, they are actually tired and tested and used.

Ultimate Face Tint

First of all I start off with my Ultimate Face Tint. I use the colour Medium and I love this because it eliminates the need for a primer. It’s like a Primer, Tinted Moisturiser, BBCream, CC Cram, Foundation all rolled into one. I apply it with my finger tips, you can use a foundation brush if you wish but when your in a rush, lets do it quickly with our fingers so, I’m going to start at the centre of my face and I’m applying it downwards. I always apply any coloured product on the face downward because you don’t want to push it up into the pores nor do you want to push up all the little hairs on the sides of your face so you look you have a fury face…that doesn’t look very nice. I’m popping that allover and another little tiny dab, I’m taking little tiny dabs like this. Again, centre of the face and I even put it underneath my eyes because by putting it underneath the eyes you eliminate the need for as much concealer as you have to use if you did do that so I always like to put a little bit underneath my eyes, across my chin upper lip. Now even though I have a fringe I’m going to put a tiny bit on my forehead. I don’t really need it on my forehead but sometimes my fringe blows out of the way and I like to have that little bit of coverage plus, its got that little bit of a protection of the sun so I know I’m not going to get too many sun spot things. Again on the centre and just popping that away and there I’m ready to go.

Concealer Paletter

Now I’m going onto concealer, I can get rid of most of my high colouring this way but I love to use my Concealer Palette and thats it. You can see that this one is used, this one actually is mine. I’m am going to use the three colours together so I just dab my fingers in those colours and I’m going to just pop it there on my cheeks, really super quick because that a is where I need that little extra coverage. A little bit in the corner of my eyes as well and the outer corners as well and I’m ready to go.

Now if I was in a super big rush I’d probably eliminate, I would’t use the Ultimate Face Tint, I’d just use the Concealer Palette on it’s own.

Brow Balm

Eye Brows to me are an absolute must so I am using our Brow Balm and thats in Blonde and as you can see its been used its mine. Now I am going to quickly do that, I’m going to brush my brows down and fill in along the top and brush and brush them back up. The Brow Balm is great because it dries and stays in place so that if you even if your caught in the rain or you know, me going to a hot yoga class, I’m not going to sweat off my brows which is really good. They’ll still look pristine. Brush them back up and just fill in the little gaps here. So this is a really, really, quick, easy one to do.

Mineral Illuminating Pen

Now because I like to get rid of these kind of frown lines and brighten up underneath my eyes I’m using our Mineral Illuminating Pen. I’m using Medium for my skin tone and I’m putting git across my “11” lines (which are the frown lines). I’m doing it here as a little sunshine (underneath my eyes) and I’m going to do the other side as well, and my favourite place to put it is here (below each corner of my mouth). OK, so I’ve put it pretty well all over the areas that I need it. Now I’m just going to blend it with my finger tips, ok so I’m just going to garb that and blend and blend underneath there (my eyes), blend here (side of mouth) and by doing it there it really great lift to the face. This product is so multi purpose it really is my Magic Wand.

Crystal Taupe

Now I’m going to go onto my eyes. Very quick and simple, Crystal Taupe. My Favourite, I say it time and time again its my go to product. Whenever I’m doing eyes, whenever I’m in hurry, whenever I want things to last for a really long time. I’ve popped a little bit onto my hand, this is one of those wonderful colours that goes with everything and all skin tones, all eye colours. all skin types. You name it, it just works beautifully and I’ve put a tiny little dab on my hand and that really goes a long way. So, I’ve popped that on my lid and I’ve gone just a little bit past the socket line, so it just opens up the eyes. That little bit of shimmer, that hint of shimmer is really good on all eye shapes because it just gives it that little bit of light on light, if its too matt on the lids it can look a little be dull.

Gel Eyeliner Pencil

Now I’m going to take a Gel Pencil this is Sienna because I’m in my kind of Brownie Autumnal shades because its autumn here in the UK and I’m going to run that along the base of my top lashes. Now I do a really good trick where I look down my nose and run it along, and then I’m going to smudge it with my fingers. I’m using this as an eyeshadow and as a eye liner so its a double whammy and it makes things so much easier and so much quicker. You can see how quickly that works its really easy now I’ll pop over to the other side so that you are looking up your nose and I’m just popping that on the outer corners and underneath and on my eyes shape I need it underneath because if I don’t it looks like I don’t have eyes if I don’t do it underneath. I’m just bending it with my finger and now onto the Mascara.

Waterproof Mascara

I love our waterproof Mascara. I love it because my eyes in the sunshine tear and in the wind tear and I want it to stay in place and I love it so much because it doesn’t make your eyelashes go crispy. Some of the waterproof Mascara’s that I’ve tried int he past make your eyelashes go super crispy and it doesn’t feel very nice but this is really great it keeps the eyelashes really flexible and I can really build which is terrific so I’m just popping that on. Now I’m going to go over to the other side (and repeat). I like to put it on my lower lashes as well. Right so now we go onto blush, make sure thats all nice and even.

Contour Palette

I don’t really use a blush because I’ve got high colouring, I use our fantastic Contour Palette which is this one here. I’m going to be using it with our wonderful retractable brush which is this one here. You just pull the head off and that goes up and down (the sleeve). I’m swerving it around, now because I’ve got a really round face, I’m going to apply it in a diagonal underneath my cheakbones and that, gives my cheekbones more definition. I’m going to do the same on this side over here and it just gives those cheekbone that pop which they desperately need. Also, my neck is whiter than my face and my body because I don’t walk around the house or walk around outside with my chin up in the air. This bit of your neck never gets a bit of sun so to counteract that I put a tiny bit of bronzer or the darker colour form this Contour Palette just onto my neck and that also just gives me a little more shape around that jaw line and a little bit on my forehead as well. Now we go onto the lips.

Teaberry Lip Pencil

Luxury Lip Gloss

I have quite thin lips and I want my lips to look a little bit fuller so, I’m using a neutral lip tones, lip pencil. I’m going to shut my mouth for a minute if thats ok?

I’m going on the outer edge of my lips rather than on the inside. By doing it on the outer edge but still following your lip line, you give the illusion that your lips are fuller. How great is that! Now I could fill it in if I wanted too and I may or may not but today I’m going to use this wonderful bright kind of coraly pink, this is called Vivid Wish, this is a fantastic colour, its a great transition colour from Spring/Summer into Autumn/Winter. If your kind of looking for that colour, your thinking my summer colours don’t quite look right but I don’t want to go into full fledged winter because its not quite there yet, this is a great colour to use.

Under Eye & Face Brightener

Now you may have noticed I also haven’t used any powder, so what I’m gonna use now I’m gonna finish off my quick easy makeup using my fantastic Under Eye & Face Brightener, which I love an adore at the end of my makeup so, I’m going to take that and I’m going to put a little bit on my “T” zone and then I’m going to sweat underneath my eyes. I love the way this product just gives that kick of life and there you have it….a complete look done literally in minutes, I know it seems a little bit longer because I was explaining everything but I promise you, you could do this in under 5 minutes, hope you enjoy it….Ariane xx


Double Ended Eyebrow Brush
Retractable Bruch Large
Retractable Bruch Mini





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