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Luminizer by Ariane Poole


Luminizer by Ariane Poole & Product Video

Now you see it now you don’t. My Luminizer does just that – It subtly highlights and accents the skin which is only visible with movement. Apply under the arch of the brow, along the tops of the cheek bones, on the shoulders and décolleté;  Anywhere you would like to see a soft sheen. The soft ivory shimmer shade of Luminizer works beautifully on all skin tones and ages. The shimmer is subtle yet effective. Most importantly it’s cream to powder formula makes it so easy to use.

Application: Apply using your finger tips

EYES: Dot a little Luminizer under the arch of your brow and blend

CHEEKS: Apply three dots of Luminizer along the tops of your cheek bones and blend

LIPS: Dab a little Luminizer on your cupids bow and blend. This will give your lips a pout-like effect

DÉCOLLETÉ: Blend your favourite moisturiser with a little Luminizer and apply to shoulders and décolleté to give your skin a dewy, silky appearance

This is my Liminizing Stick. It’s my finishing touch on any look that I do. Take a little bit and run it along the top of your cheek bones, to make those cheek bones really pop. Underneath the arch of the brows for a subtle but gorgeous lift. Along the centre of the nose, on the cupids bow and even if you mix it with a little bit of moisturiser you can apply it to your shoulders to give them that gorgeous sheen. Ariane x

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