Ariane Poole

Salon Program Starter Kit

Salon Program Starter Kit

The Ariane Poole, Salon Program – Starter Kit has been developed (working with Andrew Barton, Tim Scott-Wright, Brendan O’Sullivan & Andrew Collinge) to help Hair Salons establish or grow the makeup product sales and services component of their business. Why? Many salons don’t have makeup expertise and lose business because existing and/or potential clients for special events (hair and makeup) select independent makeup artist/hair stylist for these services.

Our Salon Program consists of a makeup education program to train Hair Stylist and Beauticians to provide special event makeup services and a retail sales package that helps grow revenue from sales of our bespoke range of makeup.

More than a makeup supplier relationship! We can provide:

  • A comprehensive makeup-training program (in class and/or online) Details & Pricing Below:
  • Professional Makeup kits: We can provide professional makeup kits to students and/or customers that stock our range of makeup. Details & Pricing Below:
  • Help to establish or improve makeup services: We can train your staff and/or work with you to improve or establish a high-end, special event, makeup service.
  • Provide ongoing support to Sales and Makeup staff: We are available to provide support via telephone or email and, we’ll tutor during scheduled in-store events.
  • Provide periodic in-store events: We help you sell makeup and create brand awareness via scheduled in-store events e.g. makeup lessons or product tutorials, (min of 2 per year).

Partnering with Ariane Poole has six major benefits:

  1. No loss of hair clients (for special events) and a growth of special events hair/makeup customers.
  2. Grow and/or establish a new revenue source e.g. makeup services.
  3. Retail sales of our makeup range (not available in chain stores).
  4. Working with a trusted makeup personality and expert (Ariane Poole).
  5. We help you sell more products with in-store events.
  6. We will only work with one Salon partner in any particular area.


  • To date we have had fantastic results with our Salon Partners with all increasing their product range and growing revenue. One salon went from doing one wedding a year to forty-five.
  • Some of our products have sole more than 100,000 units.

Here are some helpful links:

All Salons that retail our makeup range will receive a 1 day product training course.

Ariane Poole – Salon Program, Makeup Artist – Training Course Overview

In-Class, 2 days Course:

Day 1:

  1. Products Overview:

About each product, their purpose and how to apply.

  1. Ariane Poole product Kit:

What it consists of and what equipment you’ll need.

  1. Hygiene

Good hygiene, Industry standards & expectations

  1. Personal Grooming

Industry standards & expectations

  1. Day Look – Makeup Master Class

Prime: What are primers, different types of primer, their use, how to select the right shade and apply.

  1. Correct:
    1. Foundation:

How to select the right shade and apply.

  1. Concealer:

How to select the right shade and apply.

  1. Brows:

How to shape and fill.

  1. Eye Enhancement:
    1. Eye products
    2. Eye shadows Types & Textures
    3. Eye Shapes
    4. Eye product application
  2. Cheeks:
    1. Blush types & textures
    2. Face Shapes
    3. Colour choice & application
    4. Bronzer & Contour
  3. Lips:
    1. Lips Types & Textures
    2. Colour choice & application
    3. Perfecting – Uneven lips, Creating Fuller looking lips, Nude lips & Red Lips.
  4. Evening Look: How to create a stunning evening look

Day 2:

  1. Smoky Eyes Classic
  2. Smoky Eyes Soft
  3. Catwalk
  4. Hollywood Glamour / Red Carpet – include red lip
  5. Celebrity Look 1
  6. Celebrity Look 2
  7. Mature Women Makeup
  8. Bridal 1
  9. Bride 2

Price £1500 per student includes a makeup kit (that contains everything you’ll need (including a case) “Valued £900”). For Salons that take our makeup range the course price is £600 per student (as a makeup kit is not required, its part of your startup range) plus, we provide a 40% discount on additional students. Class size maximum 10.

Online Course (via login to our web channel): Price £250 pa (per salon) and FREE for Salons that stock our range.

Online Course covers the same subjects as our 2 day in class course (above). Can be used as a refresher or brush up on a particular product/subject.

Starter Stock Levels & Price: Please contact for full details. 

Please Note: This is a standard starter guide and we can add or subtract products to suit your specific business plan or goals.


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