Ariane Poole

Smoky Eye Look by Ariane Poole


Smoky Eye Look by Ariane Poole

I’d like to show you how to create a really simple, but gorgeous smokey eye look. Before you do that, checkout my complexion perfection video so create the perfect base to start from.

Lets start off by creating the perfect base. I’m using the Crystal Taupe Eye Shine which is a liquid eye shadow that dies to a powder but I’m using it as both an eye shadow and as a base, so it works in two ways. I’ve put a bit on my hand and now I’m patting it on the lid and for the smoky eye look I love to go just slightly above the crease. It really lifts the eye beautifully and you can keep on adding, until you get the depth of colour you want.

I’m going for the classic smoky eye which is the black but you don’t have to go for black. You could go for a soft charcoal grey, a brown, a purple which ever colour want but lets do the black so you can see where to start from.

I’m taking the black Noir Pencil and I’m running that along the base of the eye lashes. I’m running it inwards because I don’t want the eye to appearance that is running downwards. Smudge with your finger or if you don’t want to use your finger, use a brush or a cotton bud. I’m going to take a little bit more on the lid as well and with an inward motion blend.

I’m going to mix a little bit of the charcoal which is Mystique colour over the top, just so that i has a little more depth. If you run your pencil (vertically so that the flat edge is against your face, Not point towards your face) you get a really smoky, smudgy looks underneath the eyes which is fabulous.

Now I’m going to follow up by using a liquid liner this is a felt tip liner, it’s called Back Cat. I am pushing it right along the base of the lashes to create that really sort of smokey but defined look and again I’m punching it into the lashes rather than gliding it backwards and forwards.

Now match your second eye with the first….

Now I want to really want to pump up those lashes so I am using the Luxury Mascara its got a really great curved wand so I can go right in there and just scoop those laches. This is black and my preference always is for black for something like this. If you have a brown or even brown/black it doesn’t give you quite the impact when you are wanting to do the smoky eyes.

There we have done the Mascara and to complete the look I think we should go for a little bit of black coal to go inside the eye because that gives it that sort of feline look.

And there you have it, a great sexy smokey eye look, using just 5 products. Super simple, super easy and super gorgeous!


Products Used:

Eye Shine – Crystal Taupe

Gel Eyeliner Pencil – Noir

Gel Eyeliner Pencil – Mystique

Felt Tip Eyeliner – Back Cat

Luxury Mascara – Black

So, what do you think ?

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