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Timeless Beauties and Makeup Essentials


Timeless Beauties and Makeup Essentials by Ariane Poole.

Recently I was working on my Pinterest account and adding some new categories (Hollywood men and women) and was reminded how timeless beauty really is. I’ve known this for a long time, but it brings it into focus when you see photos that are 50-100 years old. Yes, small things like eyebrow shapes and the intensity of eyeliner have subtly changed over the years however, the timelessness of makeup essentials are always in style e.g. great foundation and concealer, eyeshadows, eyebrows, pencils & mascara, blusher/bronzer and lipsticks. Take a moment to view the images below that really demonstrate this perfectly!

It has prompted me to think about how I might advise someone on how best to rejuvenate their makeup bag this spring to include some great makeup essentials. From time to time we need to refresh our makeup bags as products have a defined use period (after opening) this is usually displayed on the packaging and varies between 6 month – 2 years depending upton the product.

For simplicity I’ve broken my categories of makeup essentials down into four sections (as below). We at Ariane Poole believe we have some of the best basics in the world. These makeup essentials not only save you time but also don’t cost the earth either:

100 years of timeless beauties using makeup essentials you’d recognise today!

Lilian GishMarlene DietrichJoan CrawfordGreta BarboVeronica LakeLana TurnerAudrey HepburnElizabeth TaylorSophia LorenMaralyn MunroeNatalie WoodCameron Diaz


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